What Constitutes a Family Emergency and How Best to Prepare

By definition, an emergency is an unexpected, serious, and oftentimes hazardous situation that requires some type of immediate action; and a family emergency plan can help. When family emergencies occur and you are suddenly unable to handle everyday affairs, is there someone who knows how to step in and keep everything afloat? If for just a few days your emergency prevented you from taking care of business, will important financial, health, or pet-related matters be neglected? Of course, if, tragically, your own death is the family emergency, it would be extremely helpful for your family to have access to a family emergency plan that provides essential information. A family emergency card created by a certified estate and trust specialist may be the best way to prepare.

Types of Family Emergencies to Prepare For

Car Accident

Car accidents are common occurrences, and many result in serious injury or death. The fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in 2016 increased by 2.6%, compared to the previous year, according to the latest annual statistics report from the United States Department of Transportation. In 2016 alone, 37,461 people died while traveling on U.S. roadways. An estimated 3,144,000 people were injured in car crashes, creating family emergencies on many different levels.

Illness / Hospitalization

Illnesses and physical injuries can suddenly create family emergencies. Even the healthiest of individuals experience unexpected issues that result in the need for total rest and/or hospitalization. It’s at such times that many people end up realizing how much they are responsible for handling on a daily basis, and a family emergency plan could help.

Weather Event

Catastrophic weather events can leave behind complete devastation. In the past year alone, countless thousands of U.S. residents have suddenly lost everything, due to floods or hurricanes. With a family emergency card, all essential information can still be accessed with ease, even if all paperwork at home has been lost.


In the event of your death, would anyone in your family know all of the matters that need to be handled? It’s not unusual for family members to be at a complete loss as to what is needed, when a loved one dies. At such a time, there is no better solution than a family emergency card.

How Best to Prepare for a Family Emergency

A great family emergency plan actually involves much more than creating a will, though that is a vital step. A family emergency card is a solution that makes it easy for all necessary information to be accessed, when answers provided there are desperately needed.

What Exactly is a Family Emergency Card?

A family emergency card is a helpful tool that easily gives access to crucial information, if you are temporarily incapacitated or if you pass away. The card can fit inside your wallet, and it has a USB connection that can be plugged into any computer. This comprehensive family emergency plan includes information about everything that may be required. There are many categories on the family emergency card, including bank accounts, cryptocurrency keys, passwords, retirement plans, debts owed, credit and debit cards, rewards programs, and medical. There are even places for such things as computer access and pet details as well as words of wisdom, apology letters, and other expressions.

Family emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, but you can be prepared for them all with a family emergency card.

About the Editor: Bryan Beeler is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist.