Crisis Planning for Individuals Diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Family crises come in many forms, from accidents to natural disasters to medical conditions and more. A crisis can occur suddenly and completely without warning. In the case of individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, the ultimate crisis occurs gradually, as the disease progresses. Going through these illnesses associated with tragic memory loss and often a rapid decline in overall health is often excruciating for loved ones and friends. To avoid allowing a terribly difficult situation to be even worse, crisis planning for progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s is important.

A Crisis that Comes on Gradually

When a person has Alzheimer’s, the disease destroys neurons in the brain. All memories, thoughts, movements, sensations, and feelings are a result of signals passing through neurons.

Seven stages of Alzheimer’s Disease have been identified, the third of which is early-stage dementia. Certainly, by stage five, in which memory deficits are severe, it is really too late to have the affected individual’s help in crisis planning. Since everyone progresses at different stages, it’s best to fully address the crisis as early as possible.

How to Prepare for a Family Crisis

No matter what ultimately has a devastating impact on a family, preparation for an emergency or crisis is basically the same. A Certified Estate and Trust Specialist devised a convenient method to prepare for serious health issues or death, after seeing that people seldom develop a plan that helps family members handle matters. The end result is usually that the worst times are made infinitely and unnecessarily more difficult.

The Family Emergency Card was developed precisely for situations such as a loved one being diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Family emergency planning takes a huge weight off of caregivers and the family members involved in handling practical matters.

Information Stored on a Family Emergency Card

Proper emergency planning involves putting details about all of the usual affairs of life within easy reach. When you use the affordable Family Emergency Card for Alzheimer’s and dementia crisis planning, your resource guides you through all the various categories that should be addressed. This provides peace of mind, since you can be confident everything is covered.

Types of Information to Store for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Crisis Planning

As a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s experiences continued decline in brain function, detailed knowledge about important matters is slipping away. While the individual is in mild stages of the disease, gather all the applicable information for the Family Emergency Card. Categories of data that can be stored and easily accessed by plugging in the card’s USB connection include the following:

Finances. Financial information can be stored on the Family Emergency Card about bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, safe deposit boxes, debts, credit cards, security deposits, and more.

Insurance. Details about insurance can be entered, such as life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, medical insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and more.

Other Categories. The Family Emergency Card can also keep record of Letters to Loved Ones; Passwords; Children; Pets; Estate Plans; Projects in Progress; Location of Items, such as documents, keys, and stored items; Business; Medical History; Real Estate; and much more.

Prepare for the Family Crisis Today

There is tremendous benefit to loved ones left behind or temporarily handing business, if there is a resource to provide all needed information. If you’ve been looking for help with crisis planning for dementia or Alzheimer’s, the Family Emergency Card may be the perfect solution.

Contributing writer: Stephanie McHugh

About the Editor: Bryan Beeler is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist

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