At What Age is Emergency Family Planning Recommended?

There are various activities people assume they don’t need to worry about until old age, and that sometimes includes emergency family planning. The purpose of this type of preparation is to enable loved ones to sort out and handle important matters if you become temporarily incapacitated or if you die. Mortality rates are higher the older you get, it’s true. But because of the high rate of accidents in the U.S., even those who are age 1 thru 44 are also at risk for an unexpected death. Planning for family emergencies is wise, and it is highly recommended for adults of all ages.

Risk Factor: Accidents

Statistics show that the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. is accidents. Among individuals age 1 through 44, accidents are the number one cause of death. No one expects to have a serious or fatal accident, but approximately 364.5 accidental fatalities occur across the country every day. To see the importance of family emergency planning, all you need to do is consider how difficult it would be for your family to figure out all of your valuable information regarding the handling of your affairs, if you were suddenly gone.

Essentials of Emergency Family Planning

Emergency family planning involves providing pertinent information that others can access in the event you get in a serious accident or suddenly die for any reason. Let a responsible, trusted individual know where to find all of the information to keep your affairs in order or to handle affairs after your death. This can help to ensure that important monthly obligations are kept, while you are temporarily incapacitated. If you prepare a family emergency plan before your death, the handling of your estate is much easier for loved ones.

How to Plan for a Family Emergency

You can come up with your own system for advising family members of important matters. However, it may make a great deal more sense to utilize a planning method devised by an experienced Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, namely, the Family Emergency Card. This is a method of emergency family planning that takes out all of the guesswork. It also ensures that you don’t leave out any important details.

Ensure that Your Wishes are Reflected

The Family Emergency Card stores data that you can enter on any computer by plugging it into a USB port. Make sure a family member knows about the card and where you keep it. If the time comes that it is needed, this resource will provide all of the essential details your family would otherwise be painstakingly looking for in your desk and on your computer, which they may be locked out of.

In addition to providing all essentials such as bank accounts, insurance information, and passwords, the Family Emergency Card allows for entry of letters to family members and instructions about your wishes, in regards to whatever you treasure most. The card does not replace a will, but you can download and store a copy of your will and other documents onto the card. The original documents should be safely stored in a fireproof file cabinet, box, or safe.

Adults of All Ages are Advised to Prepare for Emergencies

No matter how healthy or young you are, you are still at risk for a serious or fatal type of emergency. It’s human tendency to avoid thinking of such things and to put off addressing them year after year. You will potentially be doing your family a tremendous service, if you go ahead and prepare for a family crisis with a Family Emergency Card, whatever your adult age.

For more information about the Family Emergency Card click here


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About the Editor: Bryan Beeler is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist

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