Protect someone you provide care for

It’s a big responsibility caring for someone such as an aging parent, family member with Alzheimer’s, or a child with special needs.  You are very familiar with their daily routines, special needs, and other critical information; however, what if something unexpectedly happens to you?  The Family Emergency Workbook and included jump drive (together, referred to as the Family Emergency Card) enables you to document everything one will need to know to take care of your loved one if you end up in the hospital, ill, or pass away.  

Protect your family in an emergency

In the event something happens to you, such as being involved in an accident, becoming hospitalized, critically ill, or passing away – if you are a parent, it’s vital that you have information one can rely on take care of your children, documented.  The family emergency planning workbook that comes with the family emergency card jump drive, allows you to document information one will need to take care of your children in an emergency.